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Care Packages & Letters

To truly impact a child’s life and heart they must experience loving and life-giving relationships. We are so grateful for your decision to partner with the 25 Project to impact a child’s life for eternity! 

Care Packages

Care packages are sent only once per year to your sponsored child. Dominican Republic and Sierra Leone sponsors will be notified by email and mail when the care package is due. If travel allows for a 25 Project team to go to South Africa or South Asia in 2023, we will attempt to send care packages to the children there. If we do not have teams to take care packages for children in South Africa and South Asia, sponsors may be asked for a one-time monetary gift to cover a package for their child, which will be purchased “in-country.”

Below you will find detailed information about care packages:

We are often asked if extra care packages can be donated for a child that may not receive one and the answer is always yes! You do not need to include $5 for luggage fees for any additional packages you donate.

Our in-country leaders have provided us with a list of helpful items to put in your child’s care package:

Please Do Not Send: Expensive Jewelry, Pocket Knives, Electronics

Expensive possessions may make a child a target for theft. We ask that you do NOT send gifts that may put your child in this situation.

Sponsor Letters

 The 25 Project will provide sponsors one or two opportunities per year to send letters to their sponsored child. Sponsors will be notified when letters are due. This is not to limit the number of letters you may write, but to make letter delivery more efficient and unified for our in-country leaders and children. Letters will be delivered with a team, or scanned and emailed to the country Director, and translated into your child’s language. Depending on when you began your partnership, you can expect to receive one or two letters from your child every calendar year.

Below are recommendations to assist in writing to your sponsored child. We hope that you understand that these guidelines are to protect each child while allowing you to experience the impact you are making!

Your letters don’t have to be long…

Topics: Use your letters to encourage.  Share your love for your sponsored child and remind them that you pray for them. Topics may include: family members’ names, ages, pets, interests, hobbies, prayer requests, encouragement, artwork, favorite Bible verses, favorite holidays and why, etc.  Letters should allow the children to get to know their sponsors. 

Pictures: You may include 1-2 pictures (4” X 6”) of your family. Please be aware of the background in the photos you include.  Be sensitive to your child’s life and the poverty they have experienced. Exclude photos that include your home, car, or other similar things.  

Things to Avoid: Please don’t make promises that can give false hope. Avoid writing that you will come to visit. Your intention may be to visit, but share that you “hope” to visit.  Avoid offers of help outside the scope of the sponsorship ministry. 

Consistency: Please use the 25 Project letter templates. Please write a specific letter to EACH child you sponsor.  

Social Media: Some children may have access to social media. We ask that you not connect with any children via social media, or share your information with them. Parents or caretakers have expressed concern with their children connecting with adults in this form.

Reminders of when letters for your child are due will be sent via email and postcard and posted on our social media. Letters for your child can be:

*Please note, due to the high volume of letters and time needed for translation, your child may receive their letter several months after it is sent. 

The 25 Project has the right to hold or change any letter or photo that appears insensitive.