Father’s Day In The Dominican Repubic

Ahhh Father’s Day…my 7th one to experience as a father last Sunday. Great day, and one in which I was reminded of how blessed I am. With the arrival of our sweet BrynnLee a couple months ago, three children now live under our roof. At any given time, one can hear the sounds of giggling, squealing, hollering, crying and any other myriad of sounds that can be imagined. Honestly, it’s wild and crazy in our house most of the time. But, in the midst of all the craziness, there is a love that resides within our walls. We love our kids, and they love us. We know it and they know it. Our kids have a mom and dad, and they have a home to call theirs.

On Sunday, as we celebrated on this special day, the thought crossed my mind about the millions upon millions of boys and girls all across the world who have never known what it is to have a home. A home with a mother and a father who read to them, tuck them in, and kiss them on the cheek each night. A home where there is unconditional love. A home that’s safe. A home where there’s plenty of food to go around.

Millions of children around our world today know nothing, absolutely nothing of what it’s like to live in a home like this. The number of “fatherless” in our world today is staggering. Some estimates put it as high as 163 million!

And when I see numbers that get in the millions, my tendency is to just go numb. The normal and natural response is to become paralyzed. The numbers are so huge, I think we often times figure we can’t do anything to overcome such a huge problem and overwhelming crisis. And typically our response is to do very little, or perhaps, even nothing at all.

However, apathy, indifference, inaction is not what we are called to as believers. We can’t sit by and do nothing. And just one of the reasons I love our team at the 25 Project, is that we are all in unison when it comes to the calling God has put on us as an organization. We’re called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We’re called to take action. We’re called to serve and bring Hope and Healing to the least of these. Sadly, the reality is there are the “least of these” all over the world, longing for someone to show them love and a Hope for their future.

One such place where the need is great and where opportunities exist is in the Dominican Republic. Late in July, a few of us from the 25 Project will be taking a vision trip into the Dominican Republic to scout out and evaluate ministry opportunities for which 25 could be involved. If and/or how exactly God would have us fit in and potentially use us there….well, at this point, only God knows. But, I do know this, we are going with a willingness that whatever God desires, whatever He says to us, that our answer to Him is YES.

Honestly, I’m not even sure they celebrate Father’s Day in the Dominican. But I’m aware of boys and girls all over that island nation who would love to have a man they could call daddy, and a home in which they could feel love and feel secure. It may or may not be God’s plan to have the 25 Project put down long term roots in the Dominican, but we’re going to see if this just might be His plan. We need wisdom, we need clarity, and we need your prayers. Pray His voice will be clear and unmistakable, and that as we come home, we’ll have some direction as to what God desires. We’ll be sure to update as we go and as we return. Thanks for praying and for walking this journey together with us.

Kent Jones