Hope In Waterloo

How will I get my next meal?

Will I ever be able to go to school again?

Will I die from malaria or some other disease because I can’t go to a doctor or get medicine?

Does anyone care about me?

Is there a God, and if there is One, why did He forget about me?

Questions like these, along with countless others, are all legitimate questions asked by the kids of Waterloo, Sierra Leone. In the minds of these children, there literally is no guarantee of a next meal, no way to come up with enough money to pay for school, no certainty of medicine when sickness comes, and certainly there is doubt about a God who loves them. Life is hard. As one of the boys told us a couple weeks ago, “If you don’t fight, you don’t survive.”

With sincere appreciation to and assistance from our friends and partners on the field in Sierra Leone, Tom and Becky Brockelman, we have taken steps to bring Hope and Healing to these children. We are thrilled to announce the lease of a drop-in center (pictured below), which will serve as a safe place where the street kids of Waterloo can come and be ministered to. The building is obviously not complete yet, but I’m pleased to report work is being done at this moment in hopes of the finished product within a few weeks.

Along with this great news, we are excited to announce that we have added Charles Yimbo to the 25 Project staff.  Charles, who is from Sierra Leone, will minister to the children on a full-time basis and oversee the drop-in center.  We were introduced to Charles by the Brocklemans last year, and learned of his passion and previous work of more than three years with the kids of Waterloo.  We can’t wait to see how God uses Charles and the drop-in center.  More info on Charles and his family in a later blog post!

n the coming months, we’ll share more details and stories of what God is up to in Sierra Leone!  One thing we will roll out soon is a way for you to sponsor and be involved in ministry to these children.  Exciting things are on the horizon!

A big THANK YOU to those who believe in this ministry and who faithfully give to the 25 Project.  Without the ongoing generous and sacrificial support of our partners, none of this ministry could happen. We’re blessed and grateful for your prayers and support!

Kent Jones