Pray for Changed Lives

The 25 Project team made it to Sierra Leone with everyone excited to get to work.  On Sunday evening, the children arrived to the Hope Center wearing worn and torn clothing.  The team welcomed the boys and began the first day with a haircut for each one.  Following the haircuts, through the gifts of partners with the 25 Project the children were given a new pair of clothing and sandals. One by one each face lit up with joy as they chose their favorite colors of clothing. It was thrilling to see the joy on each face!

Camp Haircut

New Clothes


Each child had the chance to share their name, their age, and their dream for the future. One after another they repeatedly said, “I dream to be a teacher, and I dream to be a lawyer”.  What inspiring dreams that revealed to the team just how much this experience and the 25 Project partnership can help to empower these children in the future. Charles, a native Sierra Leoneon leader and the drop-in center director has worked hard to make this camp happen, and his work alongside missionaries Tom and Becky Brockelman is obvious.  We are blessed and count it a privilege to partner with them.

The team finished the first night of the camp with Nathan Bogue, Mobilization Director of the 25 Project, sharing a message about how God deeply loves and wants to touch each of the boys’ lives.  Join with us as we are asking God for great things!

Artwork Pic     Leanne Di Leo