God At Work

Acts 9:40 “But Peter put them all outside, and knelt down and prayed and turning to the body he said “Tabitha, arise.”  And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up.”

On Sunday I was in my local church and one of our pastors taught on Acts 9:32-43.  As he spoke I kept thinking that the message reminded me so much of what is happening at the 25 Project.

In the passage God was at work…He was working through His people to accomplish His purposes.  Peter was simply following in the footsteps of Jesus, allowing God to use him to heal Aeneas, and then raise Tabitha from the dead.  As followers of Jesus, the same Holy Spirit that lived in Peter also lives in us.   Like Peter, we are also to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, allowing the Spirit to use us to impact lives for Him.

Ibrahim, one of the former street boys we work with in Sierra Leone, previously lived in an abandoned car and worked the streets of Waterloo every day just to survive.  His situation seemed to be without hope as far as he knew!  He had no place to go and no hope of his life improving.

Charles Yimbo, one of our partners in Sierra Leone and director of the street kids ministry, came across Ibrahim in Waterloo and developed a relationship with him.  In the past year Ibrahim was sponsored through Name Changers, and now has a place to call home, receives ongoing food, and has the opportunity to receive an education.  Because of what God has done in His life, He truly has hope.  Best of all, God stirred Ibrahim’s heart last year and in obedience he responded and is now walking in a relationship with Christ!  He now has eternal hope.

SLWL038 Ibrahim Sesay


In the story in Acts 9, Tabitha was certainly without hope when Peter found her…lifeless!  Although Ibrahim in Sierra Leone was physically alive when Charles met him, truly he was also without hope apart from Christ.  Because of God and His great love and power, He changes lives and brings eternal hope and healing.

Thank you to those who give to support the ministry of the 25 Project!  You are impacting many, many children just like Ibrahim.  We are grateful for you and for the way God provides for who He has called this ministry to serve.

If God leads you to support the work of the 25 Project further, you can give directly on our website now by making a special gift or a recurring gift by clicking here.  Again, thank you for your involvement and partnership with the 25 Project.  God is at work in Sierra Leone and the Dominican Republic and we are humbled to join together with you in serving orphan and vulnerable children.

Aaron Manley