India Mercy Homes

   After months of discussions, prayer, and consideration, we are thrilled to announce that the 25 Project has begun overseeing the operation and ministry of two children’s homes in India. While this was a process that took months to complete, it became clear over time that God had led us to these precious kids.

   The two Mercy Homes consist of one home for girls, and one home for boys. There are a total of 54 children currently in the program, ranging in age from elementary school through college.

Boy's Home

   One part that is especially exciting is that the homes are situated in an area of the world that is considered to be among a “least reached” people group (defined where there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize the people group). It is exciting to think of these children and young people growing into adulthood, with the hope of having been transformed by the Gospel, and being a tangible expression and witness of the love of Christ to their own people!

   You will see more and more information about the two Mercy Homes in the future. Again, we are humbled and grateful for what God has orchestrated, and so thankful for the team of friends who have done so much to sustain the ministry in India prior to the 25 Project’s involvement. We appreciate your prayers as we attempt to come alongside and assist the ongoing work and ministry to these kids.