This word comes to mind…

Faithful. That was the word that continued to come to my mind this past weekend. God is faithful, He is always faithful. We’ve seen His faithfulness over and over since the beginning of this ministry. And this past weekend was no exception as He gave us more tangible examples and reminders of His faithfulness to what He has called us to be and do.

Sarah at FBC McK Orphan Sunday 2015

Part of our team stayed in Texas and helped bring awareness to God’s heart for orphans. God stirred hearts and we are excited that kids we know and love were sponsored. Orphan Sunday is always such a wonderful time of focus, and having kids sponsored on this special day made it that much more meaningful.

Then part of our staff team spent the weekend in Arizona sharing about lives that God is changing through this ministry. Saturday evening our gracious friends hosted a “Taste and See” event at their home where we saw so many make special gifts and ongoing commitments.

The investments made that night and in the coming months and years will most certainly change lives for eternity. As I lay in bed that night, I was reminded again of God’s faithfulness to us and to the kids He has called us to serve. May we all be reminded that He is faithful.

A sincere thank you goes to those in Texas and Arizona who made this past weekend happen. You are a gift to us, and we are humbled and grateful for each of you.

Taste & See 11-2015

Taste & See 11-2015 2Taste & See 11-2015 3