Meet Shirin

From the earliest days of the 25 Project ministry, we have prayed that God would allow us to serve orphan and vulnerable kids in an area of the world considered to be unreached (little or no access to the Gospel). God swung those doors wide open early in 2015, as we were able to begin overseeing ministry to kids in two separate Mercy Homes in South Asia. We were able to step into ministry that was already ongoing and receive these kids as our own.

What excites me most, is that these kids and young adults in the Mercy Homes are being taught what it is to walk in a real relationship with Jesus, while living in one of the most persecuted places in South Asia for Christians! Our prayer and our greatest hope for this ministry is that these kids will grow to be young men and women who will be a light for Christ in such a dark area of the world.

One such example of how God has used the Mercy Homes ministry is a young lady named Shirin. Sirin is a double orphan, having lost both parents when she was just a child. She was brought into the care of the ministry several years ago.

Shirin has grown into a young lady who is now the first among the kids in the home to graduate college with a degree in Nursing. In fact, she will graduate this month! To know where Shirin has come from, to see what she has now become, and to know she will be a witness of the Gospel as she works as a nurse is remarkable to say the least. I am convinced God is going to use Shirin to change lives!Shirin Pic (1)

To be completely transparent, partnering together and caring for the kids in these two homes was and is still a leap of faith financially for us as an organization. While much of the funding was in place when we formed the partnership, there was no guarantee that the funding would be there long term. The uncertainty of future funding was definitely a concern and might have seemed risky to many, however we strongly felt God had providentially led us to these kids for a purpose.

As God had truly called us to this opportunity, His provision has been seen over and over. Through generous monthly donors, Name Changer sponsors, as well as those who have given special gifts this year, God has proven His faithfulness to provide for the kids at the Mercy Homes. And, I am confident of God continuing to provide!  As He provides, our desire is to bring even more children who are orphaned into the homes.

Looking ahead to 2016, with the current level of ongoing commitments for the Mercy Homes, we are approximately $25,000 short of having the entire ministry funded for the coming year.

We are so grateful for the recent provision of a matching gift of $25,000. This simply means that any dollars raised will be matched dollar for dollar.  As you think and pray about your year-end giving, would you consider investing $500, $100, $50 or some other amount into the lives of the kids of the Mercy Homes?  100% of your gift will go directly towards ministry to precious kids like Shirin, and again, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!

If you feel led to make a special gift or an ongoing gift, you may click here! Our entire ministry, board of directors, staff, and partners are grateful for you and appreciate your consideration in partnering with us to care for the kids of the Mercy Homes.  Many blessings to you this Christmas season!

Kent Jones