After two years…

Nathan with SL Guys (1)

Read this great post written by Nathan Bogue, Director of Mobilization, as he shares about his most recent time in Sierra Leone!

“After two years I was delighted to step into Sierra Leone again on a 25 Project mission team. I had so much excitement to see the progress of the Gospel in the lives of Ibrahim and so many others there. I hoped to be a blessing to Ibrahim, and his friends while I was there. However, I did not realize I would be incredibly blessed myself by his words and actions while we spent time together. Ibrahim is among 20 kids in Margaret’s home. We were able to spend 3 days with Ibrahim, Hawa and the rest of the group. Each of the kids come from different places and backgrounds, but they truly are a family. They live together, serve each other, and encourage each other on the path God has for them.

As one of our team members taught the story of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37, we asked the kids to apply the story to their lives. As Jay (one of our team members) led the discussion, the question was asked whether the kids knew anyone who resembled the Good Samaritan.

Ibrahim, who had been listening closely, raised his hand to answer.  What he shared was neither prompted or led by Jay in any way.  Ibrahim shared that as he and each child in the home have tried to survive in Sierra Leone, no one originally came to rescue them. The church leaders did not help, the community leaders did not help, nor did the government leaders help. These kids were lost in their country without education, health care, food or hope. But, Ibrahim looked directly at Jay, myself, and other team members and said, “You have been the Good Samaritan to us.”

While this is wonderful to hear, we are well aware that it was God who stirred each of our hearts to be there, to serve, to care for them. It was God who was behind the scenes displaying His love, and it was God who gave us the privilege to be used by Him.”

Now these questions comes to mind…what if you were to go and serve on one of our teams? What if you were to be a tangible, real-life example of Jesus to kids like Ibrahim? What if you said yes to the call to go, and God used you to further make much of His name in the lives of the orphaned and vulnerable? Come and serve with us!

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