Can God use you when you buy or sell a house?

Real Estate Project LogoBuying or selling a house or property anytime soon? What if you could do that and at the same time, you could impact orphaned and vulnerable kids for Christ during the process?

Well it’s possible with our partnership with our friend JT Hardcastle and his company, The Real Estate Project.  When you use JT or any of the realtors on his team, they will contribute 1/3 of their own total commission (either as the listing or buyer’s agent or both parts of the commission) back to the 25 Project, directly impacting the kids we serve.  In reality, these agents are giving away their income to further the Gospel. Isn’t this incredible?

RealEstateProject - Nathan

So, if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and you are considering buying or selling a home, would you consider using JT and the team of realtors at The Real Estate Project? Not only are they incredible realtors who know the area as well as anyone, they also love Jesus and believe in the mission of the 25 Project.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity to use your real estate transaction to impact kids for Christ, visit their website at