Que Aperidá

Que aperidá is a saying used in the Dominican Republic to indicate that something is amazing. What God is doing in the Dominican Republic is amazing!
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We are so pleased to announce that after many months of prayer and seeking God’s guidance, He has led us to begin a formal partnership in the Dominican Republic. Several teams have gone to the Dominican Republic to work in two villages. One village is Villa Laura and its people are of Dominican decent and the other village is Batey Lechería and its people are of Haitian decent (Batey is the Haitian word for village).
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This means that sponsorships are now available in the Dominican Republic! Sponsorship is one of the most effective and strategic ways to minister to children that addresses both physical and spiritual needs. Connecting children with sponsors is a link in which God continues to change lives, in the children and youth in the communities we serve, as well as the sponsors themselves.

We see sponsorship as much more than just giving money each month. Our desire is that the relationship between the child and sponsor is seen as a partnership, one in which a familial bond naturally comes about over time. When sponsorship functions as it is designed, Christ is honored and lives are forever changed. That is our hope and goal.

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