Let All That You Do Be Done In Love

inra_10-2016_2Thinking back on our trip to minister in the Mercy Home in South Asia, two words overwhelm my thinking. Those two words are love and blessings! This is truly one of the most difficult travel (literally half way around the world) yet joyful trips I have the privilege to be a part of.

As I reviewed the pictures of the children just today for a church presentation, the most overwhelming view you get is the love in their hearts reflected on their faces. That someone cares enough to come, teach them God’s word and love on them! That we take them to a safe place where they can relax, learn and actually just have some fun play time. One of our interpreters told me the children have been excitedly waiting for our team for a year and the joy they display while the team is there is really unbelievable! “You have no idea how much happiness and joy you bring to the children”, he shared. The Lord indeed brings great joy and love to all peoples, in all cultures, in dark places and in the hearts of the children in South Asia.

“Blessings” is the second word that I’ll address. We always think we are going to be such a blessing with the Biblical teaching we prepare, the games and the crafts we plan and take for the children to participate in…. and in many ways we are! However, I always feel like I am the one who comes away incredibly blessed! One of the children made a Christmas card for my family in 2015 and gave it to me while we were there. In the card are the words (slightly paraphrased), “I never feel the loneliness of losing my parents because of your LOVE for me”. WOW!

While we were there this year we did something very special for the older children as outlined in John 13. The adult leaders washed the feet of the older children. Many due to cultural issues did not want us to do this but we explained this is how the Lord himself treated his disciples. Many tears were shed by all as the dust was washed from their feet and they were renewed as our brothers and sisters in Christ! What a blessing to each of us!

As we wrap up this first month of 2017, I am praying for love and blessings for you and your families, and for the children around the world of the 25 Project!

– Bob Patton (Board of Directors Member)