Bringing Hope and Healing

“Taking him up by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong.” Acts 3:7

The Story

I’m sitting on my back porch enjoying God’s beauty late this evening, on Memorial Day. Honestly, I began this journal post this morning. Sometimes I get a little distracted. However, God’s been working with me on this verse all day and even as I wrote He spoke in a new way. Isn’t He awesome in that way?

Just to set it up for you, the risen Jesus has ascended. The commission to His disciples has been given. And so, their mission begins. Then, Peter heals a crippled beggar (Acts 3:7). There are so many amazing things going on in this story. I don’t even know where to begin!

This man had been crippled since birth and later we find  that he was in his forties. He had NEVER walked. His muscles had NEVER strengthened. Gross and fine motor skills had NEVER had an opportunity to develop. But, through faith in Jesus, and in the name of Jesus, Peter heals this man and he INSTANTLY becomes strong and jumps up to walk!


Complete Healing

Where people saw limitations, obstacles, impossibilities God saw opportunity. Through Peter, God’s faithful servant, He brought complete healing. The beggar, no longer cripple began to praise God in the temple courts. And, as a result, many people gathered to listen to Peter describe the hope and healing that can only be brought through Jesus.

Dead and Crippled

 We all have the opportunity to be healed by Christ in the same way. We all are dead, crippled in transgressions. But where others see our limitations, obstacles and impossibilities, God sees opportunity. He called us to himself and gives the hope and healing that ONLY He can give. I KNOW this because God did such a miracle in my life. I was healed beyond the physical. He healed deep emotional wounds that I carried. He gave me hope!

Hope and Healing

And, that’s what we are about at the 25 Project. It is because of our healing that we seek to bring God’s hope and healing to children who are orphaned or vulnerable to the evil that surrounds them. They may have NEVER been loved, NEVER felt wanted, NEVER thought that they mattered. But God, can bring complete healing, so that they might bring Him praise.

So, let us always see the possibilities and not the limitations. Let us see the complete healing that can take place, no matter the circumstances. And, let us be His faithful servants that bring His message of hope and healing to a hurting world.