Life on Mission

Meet Umaru

Do you know someone who has never heard about Jesus? Umaru is in our sponsorship program and lives at Margaret’s home in Grafton, Sierra Leone. As with the others at Margaret’s home, Umaru is very special to me. He is a young man with a great mission and passion for the Lord. He has a special gift of sharing the Gospel. Earlier this year Umaru was in my group. One day he asked a great question, “What happens to people who have never heard the name of Jesus? Do they go to heaven?” After our group time, I pulled Umaru aside to dig deeper.

First Mission Expedition

What Umaru proceeded to share is just too good not to share with you! Umaru wants to be a pastor. He recently went on his first mission expedition to a remote village of Sierra Leone, an area called Bo. Let me pause and say, wow! One of the kids we’ve discipled had now experienced his own mission expedition. Really, can it get more exciting to know that those you go on mission for are now going on mission themselves?


Jesus: Do You Know Him?

Umaru could not believe that the people in the village hadn’t heard the name of Jesus. It boggled his mind. He kept saying over and over, “I can’t believe people have never heard the name of Jesus.” Umaru continued this time of reflection. He shared that people at his church attend service faithfully,  but didn’t share with those who hadn’t heard the Good News. Umaru was so troubled saying, “Many people perish everyday without knowing Jesus!”


Leading Others to Christ

Umaru recounted how they had led many to Christ that day in Bo. Through tears I listened on. I quietly praised God for opening doors for Umaru. Umaru went home after his mission expedition and sought answers to his questions by searching the scriptures. He was able to answer his own questions. Umaru realized the urgency to bring the Good News to those around the world and in his community. I’m so excited to see what God will do with this young man. Praise be to Him who can do much more than we can ask or imagine!

God Given Gift

As I visited with Umaru this October, I was again reminded of the great gift God has given him. Umaru’s sponsor also met him in October. He was able to meet this young man he’s poured into for years. Umaru has taken it upon himself to learn the doctrine of many religions in order to share the Gospel more effectively with others in his community. Through tears I listened to him share his passion for reaching the lost. I can’t help but to believe that God has great plans for Umaru. Will you join me in praying for Umaru?

Sponsor a Child in Sierra Leone

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