Abu Koroma: A Life Renewed

Abu is a double orphan. He lost his mother when he was very young. When his father died in 2013, Abu was left homeless. He moved in with his uncle, but his uncle did not care for even his most basic needs. Abu decided to move to the streets of Waterloo to care for himself. The 25 Project’s ministry partner in Waterloo found Abu living on the streets of Waterloo, carrying loads and finding any work to make enough money to survive.

Abu was hopeless, but God had already chosen Abu as His own. Our partner felt God’s calling to take Abu off the streets and place him in 25 Project’s sponsorship program. At 16 years old, Abu was sponsored, and for the first time heard about a God who loved him. This fall, at 20 years old, Abu was baptized as a new Christian – a new creation – changed by the hope and healing he has found in Jesus.


“He then pulled out a plastic baggie full of
every letter and every picture his sponsors
had ever sent him over the last four years!”


Abu came to the program as a double orphan, but now Abu is double sponsored! He has TWO loving families that call him their son. They have shown him God’s love and care through letters and pictures and by providing for his needs. Abu is keenly aware of their love for him. He loves them and calls them his own family. At our last camp, Abu asked about his sponsoring families… how they were… if they planned to come see him, etc. He then pulled out a plastic baggie full of every letter and every picture his sponsors had ever sent him over the last four years! Abu knows he is loved.

He’s been adopted into God’s family. Abu accepted Christ as his personal Savior on October 7, 2017, and was baptized as a testament to his faith. Because Abu comes from a Muslim background, he has decided to change his name to represent leaving his past and embracing his new life in Christ. He would like his new name to be Paul. Recently Abu copied and posted online a long narrative on prayer, and how as a believer, prayer should no longer be an option, but become a part of all you do. At the end of the article, Abu wrote, “Please my brothers and sisters I really want you to take congrensant (sic) of this please. I love you all but God loves you most. Thank you all.” THIS is Abu’s heart; no longer an orphan, but now a child of the Most High King!

Abu is now in Senior Secondary IV and attends Rural Academy. He enjoys soccer and English, and wants to become a lawyer. Abu is my brother in Christ. His sponsoring families are Shane and Angie Wade and Brad and Shannon Brown.