Cultivating Faith in Persecution: Pooja

Pooja grew up in a remote Hindu village in South Asia. Her father worked as a day laborer to provide for his family of six. Yet, he struggled to provide for even their most basic needs.

Pooja’s family fell into even greater crisis when her mother became possessed by an evil spirit. They sought out doctors and shamans of every religion in hopes of bringing her healing. All of their efforts came to nothing. One day a Christian pastor came to visit them. He shared about the hope and power of Jesus Christ and prayed for Pooja’s mother to be set free, and she was! Pooja’s whole family decided to leave Hinduism and follow Christ that day.


This decision caused Pooja’s family to be ostracized and persecuted severely in their village. An even greater financial strain was placed on the family. Pooja’s family was desperately seeking help. Then, the pastor who had prayed for the healing of Pooja’s mother shared about 25 Project’s Mercy Home. Pooja decided to move into Mercy Home. There, she received discipleship and fellowship from a local church and came to know Christ in a deeper way.


At Mercy Home, Pooja resolved to continue to follow Christ in spite of the persecution she and her family had faced and would surely continue to face.


Doors Opened

Because of her sponsorship, Pooja has been able to follow her dream of becoming a software engineer, a dream not easily achieved in her village. She is now in her final year of engineering school. Pooja hopes to be able to support her family and needy children when she graduates.

She often returns to her village, but now, instead of fearing the community that persecuted her family, Pooja reaches out to those seeking help in educating their children. Pooja uses the doors God opened in her community to share with others how the Gospel of Christ changed her life.


This article was first featured in our 2018 | 2019 Annual Report.