Usha’s Story

In South Asia, Usha shares about the impact that has been made in her life since coming to know Jesus and realizing the joy that comes from knowing Him.

“My life before coming to the Mercy Home was hopeless. My father and mother died soon after my birth. I was considered a curse by my relatives since my mother died while giving birth to me, so they brought me to the Mercy Home.

The Mercy Home was the place where I came to know about God. I came to know that He himself became cursed for us, so that we may be blessed. Through the Mercy Home, I not only met Jesus, but God also gave me people whom I now consider my family.

I gave my life to Jesus when I was in class six, and I see how God has blessed me since then so I can be a blessing to others. I decided to become a nurse by seeing the older girls who were working in the hospital. Like them, I wanted to do something for the people who are suffering. I found that this profession gives me the opportunity to serve God while serving His creation.

During the pandemic, I have found the hand of God in my life more. I can see how God is channeling His love through me to the people who are ill, have lost all hope, and are not aware of the true God. I find that God is giving me strength and boldness to testify about the true God to them.

Thank you to all my supporters for helping me and making my future bright!”


This article was was first featured in our 2020 Annual Report.