Meet The Team

Amzer Saidu Trawalie

Ministry Intern – Sierra Leone

Amzer Trawalie is a Sierra Leonean who can speak Temne and Krio as local tribes from the western area rural district of the Tombo community do. He lives at the 25P ministry center and helps teach weekly discipleship at our ministry center in Tombo.

Amzer was raised in a Muslim home. His entire family is Muslim, so he had no concept of Christ before he came to 25P. He struggled for a long time in the Tombo community until our director of the Tombo ministry met him and invited him to the ministry center for fellowship. Amzer officially entered the ministry and is presently one of the beneficiaries of the sponsorship ministry. He is our first college student in Tombo.

His faith became a true reflection of Christ when he joined the 25P in Tombo, and today he wholeheartedly obeys God’s word. He is no longer a Muslim, and Amzer now helps with Bible study teaching, tutoring children preparing for public exams, home and school visits and other tasks assigned to him by the Tombo director, all while he continues his studies.

Amzer says, “ I am thankful for how God has changed my life. He has taught me to love Him and taught me how to build strong, lasting relationships with our kids that lead to a life-changing relationship with Christ.”