Meet The Team

Ayo Gillen

Ministry Intern – Sierra Leone

Ayo used to live on the streets and was discovered on the streets of  Waterloo by the director of the ministry. The 25 Project allowed Ayo to participate in the ministry, and soon after, he was sponsored.  Being sponsored meant that he was able to return to school, was reunited with family, received food supplements, and had his medical needs met. Ayo says, “I am so blessed by the love and kindness of my sponsors and the 25 Project staff. “

A few years later, in 2019, Ayo’s mother passed away, and it was a challenging time for him. Aunty Shara (our former director of a ministry in Sierra Leone)  asked Ayo if he wanted to stay at the ministry center with Mr. Daniel, Abass, and Sullay. A year later, Ayo also lost his father. This time of mourning was so stressful for Ayo, but he says, “Thanks to mummy Shara, she encouraged, loved, and supported me in taking the WASCE  exams (WASCE is a college entrance exam) and paid for my computer studies. I graduated in 2022 with my computer studies and have a certificate in unique management science and technology.”

In 2022, Ayo joined the 25 Project staff. He shows great concern and love for the children in our ministry who have stories similar to his. Ayo has the unique perspective of being a street child himself. Ayo serves as a 25P Intern, where he helps Daniel Fullah, our Director of the Waterloo Ministry, with Bible Study and cleaning of the ministry center, serves as a translator with teams, and has numerous other roles.  

Ayo likes to play football and enjoys dancing. He now lives in Monkey Bush, Waterloo, where he shares an apartment with other staff members.  Ayo attends the Missionary Church of Africa in the Monkey Bush community. At his church, Ayo serves as the children’s coordinator to teach the children God’s Word.