Meet The Team

Jose Rumaldo

Operations Coordinator
Dominican Republic

Jose Rumaldo serves as our Operations Coordinator in the Dominican Republic. His wife Edita also serves with the 25 Project by assisting in the ministry house when teams are visiting. Jose was born on July 16th,1969, and was married in June 1997 with his wife Edita. Jose and Edita have three children, Dayana, Eddy, and Joselito.

Jesus Christ came to Jose when he was 34 years old. A friend invited him and his family to visit a church. At that time he was struggling to find employment and could not provide for the needs of the family. It was this sense of desperation that led Jose to accept the invitation to go to church. Jose accepted Jesus Christ on that day.

Jose’s church began to disciple him to help him grow in faith. Four months later Jose was baptized. Jose studied theology and how to become a Christian leader at church for two years. During his theological study, he and Edita started a small group in their home with neighbors to share the Gospel and encourage other believers.

God gave Jose the gift of helping others and he and his wife counsel married couples they know. Jose says that he and Edita have learned how to continue in faith in the highs and the lows that come in life. Jose says no matter the circumstances he and his family find themselves in, he will never turn away from Christ.

One of Jose’s favorite verses is:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32.