25 leads teams throughout the year to serve on mission in the Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and South Asia.  Our teams serve as part of the long term strategy and come alongside the ongoing work in each location. Our teams assist the disciple process with the children we serve, as well as provide opportunities for children who may not have a relationship with Christ to be introduced to Him.

What to Expect

During your time in-country, you can expect to…

Engage with God’s Mission

During your time in-country, you’ll see the 25 Project’s ministry to vulnerable children and communities in action. You’ll have the opportunity to hear about the ministry directly from its leaders and serve alongside them in their calling to the world’s most vulnerable. Your time will be spent with children in the ministry. Activities may include visiting and praying with local families, serving meals, and/or leading camp activities such as games, crafts, and skits.

You will also have the opportunity to share your testimony and lead Bible discussion groups with children and teens. Through these activities, you’ll be able to engage with the children of The 25 Project and hear how God is moving in young hearts around the world. 

Engage with the Culture

Team members are encouraged to take the posture of a learner while serving overseas with the 25 Project. There is much to be gained from getting outside the comfort zone of our own familiar culture to see the world in a different way – to step into the shoes of another. We are invited to go as guests rather than tourists.

Engage with the Community

God is at work all across the world, in many different ways and expressions. You will experience the vastness of God’s love and the unity of the Spirit when you worship alongside fellow believers singing to God in another language. As a visiting team, we desire to be a listening ear and a supportive and encouraging presence to the local church, the ministry leaders, and the children we serve. We are not there to solve their problems, but rather to better understand their challenges and their worldview.

Join a Trip

Engage with God’s mission on a 25 Project trip to the Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, South Africa, or South Asia!

South Asia

November 8-17

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Dominican Republic

January 2-7

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South Asia

January 21-29

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Sierra Leone

Jan 30 – Feb 5

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Dominican Republic

March 9-15

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Dominican Republic

March 23-29

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Sierra Leone

April 1-10

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Dominican Republic

June 1-7

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Sierra Leone

June 4-13

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Dominican Republic

June 15-21

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Sierra Leone

June 18-24

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Dominican Republic

July 6-12

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Dominican Republic

July 20-26

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Does 25 Project assist team members with fundraising?

Each team member is provided a personal fundraising page (unless not requested). We provide biblical training, suggestions and a sample fundraising letter for team members.

When is final payment due?

Each team member MUST fully fund the Total Trip Cost with their airline ticket purchased 14 days prior to departure with the team. If your trip is not fully funded by 14 days prior to departure, your airline seat will be released and your funds will be transferred to a future mission team you choose to reschedule for (minus applicable rebooking fees).

What is the required schedule in which funds are generally due?

$100 – non-refundable group airfare deposit per person to reserve dates

  • 1/3rd due – 90 days out
  • 1/3rd due – 60 days out
  • 1/3rd due – 30 days out

What expenses are included in the Trip Total Cost?

  • Flights to and from final destination
  • Your international travel health insurance
  • All food, transportation and accommodations while in country
  • Any group activity or outreach that is a part of the trip itinerary
  • Ministry expenses (team supplies, book and t-shirt)
  • Translators

What expenses are NOT included in the Trip Total Cost?

  • Passport expenses (renewal, purchase, picture, etc.)
  • Travel Visa
  • Immunizations
  • Other medications (malaria prevention, indigestion, etc.)
  • Printing and mailing costs of support letters
  • Extra meals (such as during travel, or meals in airports)
  • Flight weather delay, natural disaster, or emergency costs for additional lodging, meals, or expenses
  • Your flight to DFW (if applicable)

When will a team member’s ticket be purchased?

A ticket will not be purchased until the minimum ticket cost is fully funded for a trip.

Can a team member use an alternate flight itinerary?

If a team member chooses to use an alternative airline or itinerary, 25 Project must approve the itinerary, and the team member is responsible for purchasing their own ticket.

What happens if my expedition balance is below the required group airline ticket purchase amount when it is due, but I have already paid the $100.00 non-refundable group airfare deposit?

We will reprice an individual airline ticket for the team member when the required expedition balance is reached, and notify them of their new total expedition cost (individual airfare + lost non-refundable $100.00 group airfare deposit).

Is there a minimum size for a team to travel?

There is a minimum team size for each team, and trip members may be asked to reschedule at a later time when we are able to enlist the minimum.

Are team members expected to fully participate in preparation meetings?

Each team member is expected to fully participate in the preparation process and all scheduled team meetings before the trip date.  If a team member misses ALL scheduled team meetings, they will be unable to travel on the trip.  The airline seat will be released and you will forfeit the $100 non-refundable deposit.  Your funds will be transferred to a future mission team you choose to reschedule for (minus applicable rebooking fees).

Are my personal payments or donations made by others tax deductible?

All funds paid to 25 Project are tax deductible and cannot be returned. Cancellation of a trip inside 120 days of your scheduled trip will forfeit the $100 non-refundable deposit.  Personal payments for your trip are tax deductible as per IRS Publication 526 under the heading “Travel”. No significant element of performing services during the expedition is for “personal pleasure, recreation, or vacation”, so you may deduct personal payments to 25 Project. 25 Project recommends you consult a CPA for further questions.

What options are there for funds donated above the total funds needed for my expedition?

Funds can be used for a future trip

Funds can be transferred to another team member going on your trip

Funds can be used for in country needs for your trip (ex: Bibles, craft supplies, etc)

Funds will not be designated unless 25 Project receives the request in writing. If there is no request, funds will be re-designated at the end of the year for in country needs.

Can I designate 3rd party donations, such as AmazonSmile or Facebook, made to the 25 Project organization?

Donations on 3rd party giving sites to the 25 Project organization cannot be designated to a particular fund, trip member or child of 25 Project due to restrictions. We do provide each team member with a personal fundraising page on our website.

Are applications reviewed before approval?

Each mission team Application or Re-Application will be reviewed by 25 Project.  Team member approval for participation on a team may not be approved due to medical history, criminal background history, prior trip concerns or other circumstances.  Each Application or Re-application will be re-assessed on an annual basis by 25 Project.

Where do I find information regarding my trip destination?

For information concerning international destinations, see the Travel Advisory Section of the U.S. State Department website. For medical information, see Destinations section of the CDC website. The 25 Project provides international travel health insurance for each mission team member.

The 25 Project focuses on serving vulnerable children because we are passionate about helping future generations find hope, love, healing and purpose through a relationship with Jesus.