Random Questions From a 4 Year Old

Happy Birthday!

“And while they were there, the time came for her to give birth.” Luke 2:6

“When is Jesus’ birthday?” was recently asked by my daughter. Good question for a variety of reasons. Of course, with my daughter, one question is always followed by another question! So her next question was, “Why don’t we know exactly when Jesus was born?”

Sometimes, it is the innocence of youth that rocks your world! It made me start thinking.

My father was adopted. In the last few months, something that I always took for granted, was corrected. Dad’s birthday was always four days after mine. What I learned is that his parents guessed his birthday and just went with it.

This seems so strange that someone to whom I am related didn’t really know his birthday.

When it comes to orphans, what we take for granted–they crave. Get out of the USA and then you start mixing in the daily search for food and water, avoiding slavery, why did this happen to me and, oh yeah, the need for education.

It seems unfair to me. How can a loving God allow this? Living in a post-Genesis 3 world stinks!

I am not a theologian and struggle with questions like this that are hard to answer. What we do know is that God uses these things for His glory and He chooses to use you and me to impact the hurting one by one.

This is what the 25 Project means by “helping the least of these”. I don’t understand why. When you see it, it shatters you. Yet, we can make a difference. We can share the Gospel, feed the belly and impact a life forever.

These orphans may not know when is their birthday or where are their biological parents, however they can know about their Heavenly Father. Come join us!

Aaron Manley