Team Meeting Report

Earlier this month the 25 Project team met to discuss and pray about all that God is doing through 25.

For much of the meeting, there was much praise about the incredible things God is doing through the 25 Project.  It is amazing to see that it is God who is moving in a way that only He can receive praise.  The 25 Project isn’t about any one person, but it is about making much of Him!

As a young ministry, the opportunities that are presented are almost overwhelming.  Many of the opportunities even fit into the category of helping the least of these.  But where is the Lord calling the 25 Project to be involved in the upcoming days, and exactly how to be involved is also something needing prayer and consideration.  The need for wisdom and clarity is evident.

First, the 25 Project clearly feels that ministry all starts with the local church.  Why?  The local church is the hope of the world!  In Matthew 25:40, Jesus states “in My Name”.  Ultimately, presenting the Gospel and discipling those He calls is the most caring thing we can do.  But you and I can’t stop there!  Knowing the state of our world and reading the Word clearly shows that our mandate is to take the Gospel to the hard places while serving the least of these.

God has opened doors for ministry in Sierra Leone, the Dominican Republic, and Bolivia.  With God’s direction and leading, the 25 Project will look to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.

These open doors always include orphans and vulnerable children (meaning a relative and maybe a place to sleep for the child but always in the streets scrounging for survival every day).  I can’t help but think of my own 4 year old daughter and tear up.  I am so thankful that God has a plan for everyone He created in His Own image.  What a joy to use the abundance we are blessed with to impact “the least of these” with the Gospel and love of Christ.

Much discussion was spent on:

  1. Potential new partnerships–the ministry is growing!
  2. The role of upcoming potential trips and the how they integrate into the overall strategy of 25.
  3. Budgets and evaluation of the 2012 25 Project Classic.
  4. Future promotion and publicity, including the use of social media.  (Have you liked 25 on Facebook or followed 25 on Twitter?)
  5. 2013 25 Project Classic.  The date has been set and will be May 20, 2013.  Start thinking about walking or putting together a team of golfers!

Thank you so much for your prayers…they were definitely felt.

Aaron Manley