Answered Prayers

This morning as I sat and read The Word, while sipping on fresh brewed Dominican Coffee, I was thankful again for my trip to the Dominican Republic this past week. My experience there was another reminder of the fact that He is in control, and He does what He says He will do. While walking through the Santa Alicia batey (community), feeding the children in the school, and chatting with Pastor Bona, I was once again brought to tears about His handiwork. This trip was not only beautiful, but it served as a confirmation and visual reminder of all the many things we have been praying about for years.

Through the 25 Project’s Name Changer sponsorship program, along with a partnership with the local school, teachers, and pastoral leadership in Santa Alicia,  these precious children are taught the Word of God, given a school uniform while being educated daily, and are given a daily breakfast (which might be the only meal they eat that day). God has been at work in Santa Alicia for years, and we are so thankful for how He has opened doors for us to be a part of ministry in the Dominican Republic.

For the last several years, I have had the privilege of spending time in Santa Alicia and El Cea praying about all the things that He might allow us to be a part of there. I am so thankful for the 25 Project and how The Lord has put together and orchestrated all of these things. Once again, it is an amazing confirmation of all that He is and all He is doing.

Get involved!  Whether your involvement is to give to the overall vision and ministry of 25, or whether that’s through becoming a Name Changer sponsor, or by being part of a team that actually serves as the hands and feet of Jesus, do something and get involved in what God is doing in the Dominican Republic!

Trent Brown