The Feeding Program…It is a Beginning

The latest 25 Project team of 11 headed to Sierra Leone arrived at my house at 9:30am to carpool to DFW airport and begin the 20+ hour set of flights to step into Africa.  Particularly amazing was the fact we would experience a day in the life of street children living in Waterloo, Sierra Leone while on the trip.  Our team interacted with children like Abdul and his friends to feel, touch, witness and share the life of living on the streets.
2-2014 SL Team Pic
These boys survive each day working by carrying various loads around the market, cleaning market stalls or whatever local opportunity they can find to do.  Often the reward is not even money, but one small plate of rice, which they share with another boy who worked alongside them that day.  These conditions are heart breaking and the odds against any hope of change are insurmountable.

However, a favorite moment in Waterloo for me was to see the leadership of Charles Yimbo growing so much in the last year.  The team arrived to Waterloo on Wednesday morning at 9:30am to be a part of the Feeding Program.  In a word, it is a beginning.  Over 50 street kids like Adbul showed up ready to receive the rice and fish.  Charles handed him and his friends a bowl, not only of food, but a gift leading to Jesus – the Bread of Life!  Wow, his belly was full as he at in the Drop in Center but his soul was nourished.  Abdul was fed the food that is eternal life in Jesus Christ by team members Brian sharing his personal testimony of coming to Jesus and Pastor Devon teaching about Jesus being the only way of salvation.

2-2014 Charles serving rice
2-2014 Chalkboard Picture

Each week the Feeding Program takes place at the Drop in Center.  It is powerful to see how God is using the 25 Project and our incredible partners (Charles Yimbo, and Tom and Becky Brockelman) in Sierra Leone to make a difference, to give hope, to be a new beginning!

Please join us in praying and asking God to do big things in Waterloo and through the leadership of the Drop in Center Director, Charles Yimbo. Would you consider becoming a Name Changer and sponsor a child today for just $36/month, or possibly help provide an additional day to the feeding program for $125/month? Or could it be that you would consider joining a future 25 Project team by contacting Nathan Bogue (nathan at today?
Nathan Bogue