A Unique Reunion

The following post is from Melissa Willmarth, a friend, Name Changer Sponsor, and previous Sierra Leone team member with 25. After returning from her second experience in Sierra Leone, Melissa wrote the following…

“I first met and sponsored Sorie and Abass during my first trip to Sierra Leone with the 25 Project on their February 2013 mission team.  It is hard to describe the joy of seeing both of these boys again this year when I returned.  My heart skipped when I saw them jump from the van.  They both excitedly ran over and hugged me which sent me into tears of happiness. During this trip I got to know them both so much better. Abass spent much time walking me through each of his school notebooks showing me how hard he was working and what he was learning in school.  Sorie brought his step mother, and it was obvious she wore her best clothes to come that day to meet me.  She thanked me multiple times for sponsoring Sorie and even gave me a live rooster as a gift (much to the enjoyment of my team)!  Both Sorie and Abass were so eager to learn more about me and my family and seemed to find hope and great joy from all that I shared.

Sorie & Abass

I will continue to send them letters with each team knowing how happy they are to hear from our family.  They both sent me home with pictures of themselves that had worn edges that told me they were family keepsakes. Such cherished and appropriate gifts for me since both boys are now part of my family.  My hope is to be able to visit them again next year!”

Thank you to Doug and Melissa Willmarth for the investment they continue to make in the the lives of Sorie and Abass!  Just like Doug and Melissa, God can use you in the same way to make much of Jesus among children like these two boys!  Consider becoming a Name Changer sponsor or serving on one of our teams.  God is so obviously at work, and we would love for you to join in on what God is doing.

Kent Jones

Melissa Gift of a Rooster