Lives Changed, Names Changed!

SL Sarah 1

Spontaneous songs of worship sang by our former street boys and local leaders to our King are what resonated in the air surrounding the areas of Kent Beach in Sierra Leone on Sunday 2016.

As Christians around the world celebrated Palm Sunday, commemorating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, we found ourselves with much to celebrate. Because Jesus entered Jerusalem to hang on a tree for all, 12 kids and 2 leaders made decisions to accept Christ’s sacrifice and seal themselves to Him for all eternity.

On Palm Sunday 2016, those 12 kids and 2 leaders publicly displayed these decisions through believer’s baptism. To say it was a joy for our team to witness and celebrate this day with them would be an understatement.

Abass was one of the boys who was baptized. His life was a difficult one. BUT GOD… God brought Abass to us in 2012. Today, Abass is the most joyful teenager. His smile is contagious and his gentle, servant spirit is apparent to all. His uninhibited worship is refreshing.

Throughout the Bible, God often changed the names of many of those whose lives had been impacted or altered by Him. A change of name often represented promises for the future. With his new identity found in Christ, Abass desired to change his name and is now known as Abass Paul Koroma. He will forever be changed. What better reason is there to rejoice with all of heaven? We cheerfully welcome Abass Paul Koroma into the family of God!

SL Sarah 5

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