Ibrahim’s Story

Ibrahim's StoryEarlier this year, I was part of a team of eight people that trekked across the Atlantic to serve the children and youth the 25 Project ministers to in Sierra Leone, West Africa. After five years of these Sierra Leonian kids being served through local staff, 25 Project teams and stateside staff, I am continuing to see lives dramatically changed by Christ. Ibrahim, is one of those kids. This is Ibrahim’s story.fullsizeoutput_480d

Ibrahim lives at Margaret’s Home in Sierra Leone. His father was killed in the rebel invasion there in 1999, and his mother passed away due to an illness soon after. Ibrahim was one of those kids who always had a stern look. He didn’t seem interested in what we had to say and held on to his Muslim beliefs. This went on for years. Ibrahim, reflecting on himself, told me that he had been so stubborn.

This time, on the first day of Bible camp, I noticed a difference in Ibrahim’s face. There was a “lightness” there. I thought it was his green shirt, LOL. The next day I sat on the front porch of Margaret’s home with Ibrahim. He told me about a nightmare he recently had. Ibrahim said that in his nightmare, he was falling in the dark and therefore began to panic. He continued, “It was so dark and he was falling endlessly.” In the nightmare, Ibrahim said he unconsciously started calling Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! From the moment he called out Jesus’ name his panic turned into complete peace. When he woke up, Ibrahim said he KNEW that Jesus was real.fullsizeoutput_4835He began to think about his life. He reflected on who had taken him off of the streets….Christians. Who had cared for him? Christians! Who had poured into his life? Christians! Ibrahim shared with me “I will follow Him all the days of my life, I will never turn back.” Finally, he added, “I am no longer Ibrahim, I am now Abraham.”

As I sat there and listened to Abraham’s story, and even now after writing it down, tears well up because I am so grateful that God used so many to be a part of his story. God doesn’t need us to complete His work, but He gives us the privilege to join Him. Praise be to God for Abraham’s life and testimony! This is the greatest love story of all…..the story of God’s great love for us.