God’s Future Kingdom in South Asia

I encourage you to find where the Lord wants you to tell of His Great Love. You were made for this very purpose… 

I have now been to South Asia twice with the 25 Project, and these expeditions have changed my life. God has shown me so much about who He is through them.

God of Provision

First, I have experienced how much our God is a God of provision. The first year I sent letters out to fundraise, I got very little response. I began to question if this was really what God was wanting me to do. The time came to purchase the airfare and I called our team leader – knowing I did not have enough money – to which he replied, “Leah you had just enough.” I told him that was impossible, but he said “well sweetie, it is there,” and I burst into tears. I praised God for His provision, and He continued to provide all I needed. If you feel God is calling you to go on an expedition, please don’t let money be the only reason you don’t go. God will provide; He is just that good!

Encourage Each Other in Faith

I have also seen first-hand how God is working to bring salvation to the nations. During lunch my first day at camp, I was in tears, so overwhelmed with how God was moving. I had been teaching the youngest group of children and they sat and listened to us for hours as we told them story after story from the Bible. They were soaking up the truth. These kids know Christ and are being taught by Him daily. The children in the Mercy Homes are happy, healthy, creative, and generous. The house parents, pastors and others who are investing in these children on an ongoing basis are amazing. I came back from this trip feeling like I had been the one ministered to, rather than the one ministering to others. Maybe this is what the Scriptures mean when Paul talks about being “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12).

Shame runs deep in these children due to their social status. They are often told that they are orphans because they or their parents have done something to deserve this fate.

Set Free

On my second expedition to South Asia, we decided to wash the feet of the children. The children did not want us to, and it was a very difficult act for them to receive. Shame runs deep in these children due to their social status. They are often told that they are orphans because they or their parents have done something to deserve this fate. This act broke that shame a little, maybe even more than I fully understand.

Washing their feet was a picture of how God takes their shame and feelings of inadequacy and washes them clean with the blood of Christ. He has set them free to love and serve Him, and to share the Good News of His love across towns, states, countries and continents. For me, it was a reminder of the selflessness of our Savior as He did this for the disciples, recognizing and preparing them to be the future of His ministry. He is one who qualifies us!


God’s Future Kingdom in South Asia

These children are the future kingdom of God in South Asia. They will be the ones that will carry the message of hope to their nation. I praise God that He is alive and moving in South Asia. I guess I foolishly assumed He is, at times, stagnate in these areas that are considered unreached. He most definitely is not! He is clearly building up His church in South Asia and among people from every nation, and I’m in awe of His faithfulness to all people throughout all time. God has made me fall in love with South Asia. Whenever I see someone of South Asian descent, I smile and remember His faithfulness. I’m reminded of how much I long to return to see those children and to pray for them and for South Asia to know Christ.


Joy Complete

I encourage you to find where the Lord wants you to tell of His great love. You were made for this very purpose. Be assured that complete joy will follow when you live out this calling. Going is scary and uncomfortable at times, but when you see the Lord flex His power in you and in the lives of others, it is worth it. Leap if you must. I assure you it will be awesome.


This article was written by Leah McCormick, expedition member, and was first featured in 25 Project’s 2018 year-end magazine.