Displaying the Compassion of Christ: Abass

Nearly seven years ago, Abass was one of the first children admitted to the 25 Project sponsorship program in  Waterloo, Sierra Leone. At the time, Abass was living on the streets. He was looking for food and shelter along with scores of other children facing the same fate. Abass now lives with Alie in a room the two have built for themselves on Alie’s parents’ main house. Alie is another young man in the 25 Project sponsorship program.

The Black Board

I was visiting the homes of our sponsored children one day and when I arrived at Alie and Abass’ house. They were so proud to show me the room they had built. The two even demonstrated how they made the bricks themselves. As I took a tour of their small, unfinished room, I noticed a black wall where schoolwork had been done. I motioned to the wall and told Abass what a great idea the wall was for doing his homework. He looked at me and smiled and said it wasn’t for his homework.

Abass went on to explain that he was holding class for the younger kids in their village. Those that didn’t have the privilege of getting an education or learning about Christ through the sponsorship program. As an educator myself, it delighted me to see his teacher’s heart!! I am amazed at how the Lord takes what little we give, and expands it to build His Kingdom through His people.

Feeding Others

Three days prior to the visit, I had another encounter with Abass, while we were at the ministry center hosting camp. I noticed Abass wander out of the compound with a plate of food, so I followed him, curious to know what he was up to.  When I caught up to him he was looking off into the distance. As I followed his line of vision I saw several small children running as fast as they could towards us.

I asked Abass what was going on and he said, “I’m feeding these hungry children in the neighborhood.”

The Lord has planted a deep, compassionate, and giving heart in this young man who remembers what it’s like to go hungry and feel hopeless. Abass has such a heart for his community, and he inspires me. I praise God for his transforming love being demonstrated in Abass’ life and in the lives of so many we serve!

This article was first featured in our 2018 | 2019 Annual Report.