Patricia’s Story – Lifelong Impact

19-year-old, Patricia serves as an intern and youth leader with the Dominican Republic 25 Project ministry. As a Haitian immigrant, Patricia is facing many hurdles in her education, but we are so proud to celebrate her recent graduation from high school. Please join us in praying for her as she navigates her next steps.


“How has being a part of the 25 Project impacted you?”

“I used to be in depression, not smiling too much and always angry at everyone…I did not live a happy life. After being included in the program, I felt that I’m loved. At camp one year, I came to know about Jesus. One of the team members, Caesar, asked me if I wanted Jesus to lead my life…and I did! I now consider myself a believer of Jesus. God has changed me. Now I am a kind person who is willing to help others. Being in the program has also been an encouragement to me that I can pursue my dreams and become useful to my community. I want to become a teacher or a doctor in the future.”


“What is a favorite memory you have of your time with the 25 Project?”

“My favorite memories are when the teams from the U.S. have come to share their love and friendship with us.”


“What’s the most important thing you’ve learned while in the program that you will take with you in the future?”

“The most important thing I learned is how to get alone with other people and accept them besides their imperfections, like you all do with me. You showed me love even though I was not a friendly person, and I will always be thankful and willing to help others now because of it.”


We are so proud of you, Patricia and cannot wait to see how God continues to use you for His kingdom!


This story was first featured in our 2020 Annual Report.