Meet The Team

Daniel Fullah

Director of Waterloo Ministry
Sierra Leone

Daniel Fullah served alongside the 25 Project’s ministry as a volunteer for years, giving of his time, and showing the love of Christ while never asking or expecting anything in return. After Daniel graduate from The Evangelical College of Theology (TECT) with a degree in Peace & Community Development, he was added full-time to the ministry team in Sierra Leone. He now serves as the Director of Ministry, Waterloo, Sierra Leone.

Daniel’s concern and love for the children he works with and his silliness makes him loved by them all. He is gifted in music, playing the trumpet, keyboard, and the traditional drum. Daniel leads the praise and worship during our Waterloo and Monkey Bush bible studies.

Daniel lives in Waterloo and attends Missionary Church of Africa in the Monkey Bush community of Waterloo where he serves as church secretary. He is currently obtaining a Masters degree in Logistics & Procurement Management from the University of Management and Technology in Freetown.