Getting Your Immunizations

We want to fully support each team member well when serving overseas, especially if it is your first time traveling overseas. Up to date immunizations are recommended according to the CDC website for each country. Our goal is for each team member to feel comfortable and completely prepared for their trip.

25 Project cannot recommend which specific immunizations should be taken by team members but provides the essential information provided by the CDC below. We highly recommend personally speaking to your doctor to understand your individual needs or limitations in getting immunizations.

Dominican Republic

Sierra Leone

South Asia

South Africa

Providers for Immunizations

Prices vary greatly among providers, so call ahead to learn if there is a base visit fee on top of their individual immunization fees. Also, ask if your personal insurance will cover any immunization costs. Providers can give you a photocopy of your immunizations to keep with you during the trip. 25 Project recommends taking a photocopy of all your vaccination records and documentation of blood type, allergies, personal health history, and current prescriptions in case of emergency.

Suggested Providers:

To apply to be on a 25 Project Mission Team, simply complete and submit the application here. If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Gallimore, Trip Operations Assistant.